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The Boy  by  Wytske Versteeg out   now  more >

The Boy is a gripping psychological thriller about parenthood and loss by Wytske Versteeg and is out on 24th November details >

Vamba Sherif
gives a lecture on Ubuntu and the Art of Forgiveness at the  Forensic Therapist Psychiatric Centre, Netherlands -10th November details >

Latest Titles

Wytske Versteeg (translated by Sarah Welling)
Kito is the only child of his adoptive parents. Chubby and dark-skinned, he is ruthlessly bullied at school, but at home he says nothing of what he is going through.
Vamba Sherif
The proud Republic of Liberia was founded in the 19th century with the triumphant return of the freed slaves from America to Africa. Once back ‘home’, however, these Americo-Liberians had to integrate with the resident tribes – who did not want or welcome them.
Pete Kalu
Ghostly players from the winning 1966 England World Cup team has come to the aid  of Ducie High XI school football team .but what pound of living flesh will the zombies demand...?
Melanie Schwapp
Born with dark skin into a family that prides themselves on their light complexion, and deprived of familial love, affection and security, Nola falls victim  to her father’s abusive behaviour.

Featured Titles

Mohini Kent
Against a background of monsoons and heat waves, shanty towns and expensive bungalows, rich old women and angry young men, love and tradition, and religious conflict and social upheaval, lives will change forever.
Jeremy Cameron
Jeremy Cameron’s final  novel in the Nicky Burkett series. Things don’t go quite as Nicky had hoped after his return and there is Hell on Hoe Street…
Pete Kalu
The latest ‘Striker’ novel looks at the world of football from an adolescent female perspective
Peter Kalu
This is a book full to the brim with joy, heartache and passion for the beautiful game.
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