Concubine and the slave catcher

The Concubine & the Slave-Catcher: Stories from Around the World
Qaisra Shahraz 


Out 28th September

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In The Concubine and The Slave-Catcher anthology, Qaisra Shahraz captivates us with her storytelling magic.

Prize-winning British-Pakistani author of the classic novels The Holy Woman, Typhoon and Revolt, and the acclaimed short story ‘A Pair of Jeans’, Qaisra Shahraz brings us a new collection of 10 powerful stories, set on several continents and at different periods in history. As ever, the author focuses on the drama of human relationships, played out against various scenarios; the resurgence of slavery in 18th-century Boston, USA; a family tragedy during the Partition of India and Pakistan; a modern-day friendship in Abu Dhabi; female solidarity in a notorious death camp in Poland, and the jealousy of an Incan wife for her beautiful Spanish rival in 16th-century Peru… With each unique story, Qaisra Shahraz captures and enriches us with her wisdom and storytelling magic. 

Anthology | ISBN: 9781908446619  | Paperback

Qaisra Shahraz is a British-Pakistani award-winning and critically acclaimed novelist and scriptwriter. She recently won the prestigious National Diversity Lifetime Achiever Award for Services to Literature, Education, Gender and Interfaith Activism. In 2012, she was recognised as being one of 100 influential Pakistani women in the ‘Pakistan Power 100 List’. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a Director of Asia Pacific Writers and Translators partnership. Her novels The Holy Woman, Typhoon, and Revolt as well as short story A Pair of Jeans are studied in universities and schools, in Germany and UK.

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