Tariq at SOAS

Author Tariq Mehmood will be at SOAS Spring Literature Festival

Winner of the Frances Lincoln Diverse Voices Children’s Book Award

Format: Paperback £6.99
ISBN: 9781908446305 
Published: March 2015

Format: eBook £5.99
ISBN: 9781908446374
Published: March 2015

Series: Muslims, Trust and Cultural Dialogue

Tariq Mehmood author of You're Not Proper will be among writers attending this one-day literary festival which brings together writers from a number of cultural background, all of whom have interrogated in their work the nature of culture and intercultural experience. As well as forming their subject matter, culture envelops the processes by which their work is circulated and consumed. Their experience as creators of culture also gives them a unique insight into the processes and pitfalls of producing literary art in the modern world.  

The festival is free and open to the public. Registration is required. Please register online - Online Registration.

Date & Venue Details

Date: March 7 2015
Time: Starts at 10:00am and finishes at 8:00pm
Venue: Brunei Gallery Room: B102, 
Address: SOAS, University of London, Thornhaugh Street,  Russell Sq,
London, WC1H 0XG
Tariq Mehmood is an award winning writer and film-maker. His books include Hand On The Sun (Penguin) and While There Is Light, . He co-directed the award-winning documentary Injustice. Tariq currently teaches at the American University of Beirut, in Lebanon and lives in Beirut and Manchester.

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