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‘The ghostly players from the winning 1966 England World Cup team has come to the aid  of Ducie High XI school football team but what pound of living flesh will the zombies demand…?

Leonard is sat on the substitutes’ bench, but never asked to play . . . and it’s not even as if the Ducie High football team is any good: they get beaten, time after time. Then everything changes. After a game near a nuclear power plant, a weird energy passes through Leonard, and that night in bed he is visited by zombies . . .

The ghostly players from the winning 1966 England World Cup team tell him that if he follows their instructions, not only will he get off the bench – but Ducie High XI will start to take control. Leonard obeys, and the team’s prospects surge. But what is the price of the zombies’ involvement? How high will that price be – and what pound of living flesh will they demand?

ZOMBIES XI is a story about football, friendship, family and cross-cultural teen relationships. Its humour, drama - and occasional shivers - send this book straight to the back of the net

Young Adult Fiction | ISBN: 9781908446480 | Paperback

Pete Kalu

Pete Kalu is a novelist, playwright and poet and has previously won the BBC Playwrights Award, The Voice/Jamaica Information Service Marcus Garvey Scholarship Award and Contact/BBC Dangerous Comedy Prize

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'Pete Kalu's writing is a joy, I was instantly transported back to a time where your mates were all that mattered and childhood angst reigned. The world was bright and vivid, rendered in beautiful detail, and the characters so lovable I almost wanted to be a kid again. Without the bloodsucking zombies of course.'   Courttia Newland

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