Vinnie Got Blown Away

Vinnie Got Blown Away
Jeremy Cameron



'A hilarious hybrid of Elmore Leonard and Quentin Tarantino'

Darkly comic, stylish and violent, the novel offers a radical contrast from the British tradition of a murder mystery among the middle classes. It mixes without discrimination among black, white and Asian communities; it follows their speech patterns: cockney and Caribbean unite. It demonstrates the resilience in these communities, an ability to survive against all outside pressures and values.

Nicky Burkett finds his childhood friend Vinnie dead at the bottom of a tower block. He and his mates have a code of conduct which makes revenge inevitable. They have to find the villains - much more serious criminals than themselves - and then they have to take them on. The result is a hilarious hybrid of Elmore Leonard and Quentin Tarantino, with dialogue that crackles off the page, unforgettable characters and a wonderfully-realised sense of place.

Crime | ISBN: 9781908446183  | Paperback


Jeremy Cameron

Jeremy Cameron spent several years working in hostels Walthamstow. During that time he wrote several books including four novels set in Walthamstow featuring the lovable rogue NICKY BURKETT: Vinnie Got Blown Away, It Was An Accident, Brown Bread In Wengen and Hell On Hoe Street. His other books: How to be President (of Norfolk Lawn Tennis Association) and Never Again (A walk from Hook of Holland to Istanbul).


'Set in Walthamstow, north east London, Vinnie Got Blown Away is a brilliant and humorous crime murder mystery about Nicky Burkett, a nineties cheeky chappy and wide-boy who has been in and out of prison for theft and various misdemeanours.'  
Catrina Walters, Words of Colour>
‘Funny, violent and vivid.’
Sunday Times

‘A short, sharp shock of a novel.’

‘Jaunty, exhilarating and original, with a feeling for street life that renders it sexy and poignant.’
Literary Review.

‘Audacious and outrageous.’
Daily Telegraph

‘A fast, funny trawl through the territory of London's new outlaw underclass. It is a masterly piece of storytelling.’
Financial Times

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