Tula The Revolt

Tula - The Revolt
Jeroen Leinders



Based on historical facts and the movie starring Danny Glover and Jeroen Krabbé, Tula -The Revolt is a true story about the Great Slave Revolt on the Caribbean island of Curaçao in 1795.  Tula, a slave on the Kenepa plantation, is convinced that God made all human beings equal: he finds it increasingly difficult to ignore the inequality and injustice meted out to his people from their Dutch rulers. Stirred by news from abroad that France has abolished slavery on neighbouring Haiti, and that the New Dutch Republic is now under French rule, he sets out to improve the position of his fellow slaves. Unable – and unwilling – to comprehend his efforts at peaceful resistance, the colonial authorities respond with force. Undeterred, Tula nevertheless succeeds in uniting and inspiring his people in their struggle for freedom and equality.

Tanslated from the Dutch by Bryan Doyle

Literary Fiction | ISBN:  9781908446268 | Paperback

Jeroen Leinders

Jeroen Leinders spent much of his youth on Curacao. After a career in advertising, he turned his talents to making documentaries and films. His work as a director includes the film Tula: The Revolt.

Awards and Nominations

Tula: The Revolt makes 2015 Longlist of the International IMPAC DUBLIN Literary Award more >

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'Tula the Revolt is a fascinating drama about a heroic man who lived in a time that deserves more films.'
Marieke Kremer, Spits

'Indispensable! Gripping!'
Ab Zagt, Algemeen Dagblad
'A must see'  Metro

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