The Silent Striker eBook

The Silent Striker
Pete Kalu


Book two in the STRIKER series

Marcus is a 14 year old footballing genius who keeps getting into deep trouble at his school. He is the best player by far at Ducie High, in a tough, ethnically diverse, inner city area. The team gets tantalisingly close to Schools League and Cup glory. His Nigerian father is a wannabe soul singer with a day job as a postman, and his English mum cold-calls double glazing. They are at a loss what to do with wayward, Marcus.  

Dealing with deafness, shifting friends, crazy parents and a ‘special measures’ school, he will have to gather all the strength he can find – in others as well as within himself.

Young Adult | ISBN: 9781908446398  | eBook


Pete Kalu introduces The Silent Striker

Pete Kalu

Pete Kalu is a storyteller and author.  He has published five novels for adults and has won prizes for both his theatre plays and his poetry, including the BBC’s Dangerous Comedy Award 2003.  He is a PhD Creative Writing student at Lancaster University. He lives in Manchester.

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'Marcus is 14 years old and from the local council estate. His school football coach considers him a genius, but in class he is considered a disruptive student. Marcus sees school as a waste of time and feels that his teachers, especially Miss Podborsky (who teaches geography), are out to get him.'  Angela Howell, Words of Colour full review >
'This is a book full to the brim with joy, heartache and passion for the beautiful game.'
Melvin Burgess
'A welcome addition to British writing in this genre. It is a strong inspirational story about human aspiration, overcoming and achievement.’ 
Jacob Ross, author

Marcus struggled with being self-conscious about the changes he had to make in his life – which to him were a huge deal, but thankfully to his true friends didn't matter. 
Nayu, Book Blogger
full review >

‘A richly compelling, emotionally resonant tale of courage.’
Melanie Amri, author

‘Touching, funny and well tackled!’
Muli Amaye, novelist

'A compelling story.'
Rajeev Balasubramanyam, author

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