The Mists of Simla

The Mists of Simla
Balraj Khanna



The year is 1962, and young cricket-player Rahul Kapoor has just passed his final exam to enter college in Simla, in the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas.

Built by the English as their summer playground, Simla still has its Grand Hotels, faded now, echoing with sounds of the foxtrot and haunted by memsahibs in ballgowns. Since Partition in 1947, Simla society has changed, and the students are building a new India. Rahul swiftly becomes a key player on the Simla College scene;  as he sets off on his rites of passage, he finds the way strewn with beautiful women. What can a young man do, but to call on Lord Krishna, the Divine Lover, to help him when things get hot hot hot?

Set in turbulent times, during the Chinese invasion of North India, The Mists of Simla is a captivating story, often achingly funny, full of narrow escapes and some tears, as one young man strides out onto the cricket field of adult life.

Literary Fiction | ISBN: 9781908446138  | eBook

Balraj Khanna was born in the Punjab, India, and arrived in London in the Swinging Sixties to study English. Instead, he took to art – eventually becoming ‘one of the most distinguished painters working in England’ (Bryan Robertson). His novels include Nation of Fools which was adjudged ‘one of the 200 best novels in English since 1950,’ Sweet Chillies and The Mists of Simla. Balraj lives in London, next door to Lord's Cricket Ground – which he describes as his ‘spiritual home’.

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'If you are looking for an entertaining read and lots of laughter, The Mists of Simla will serve you well. Balraj Khanna’s The Mists of Simla takes one on a hilarious, gripping and exciting ride through the life of Rahul Kapoor, a handsome boy of eighteen. Mr. Khanna takes a simple plot - a boy aged eighteen goes to Simla to study and learns about life- and makes it an entertainer by humour supplemented with the caricature-ish characters, and by placing the story successfully in a time-frame which gives him the agency to incorporate interesting events in his story. The Mists of Simla is a mad but masaledar blend of events that often transpire in the lives of young men. It’s got emotion, passion, loss, humour, heartaches, goons, war, friendship, enmity, sex, homosexual bullies, stern teachers, family, cricket, politics, fights and list continues. The narration is direct and it got me glued to the novel instantly.' Mihir Vatsa
‘Indian youth are going to scream.  Enthralling! I loved it! Superbly executed! Perfect psyche of a growing young man on the right side of things, bold, brave yet innocently dipped in moral servitudes. The fragrance of family life especially when they meet in SIMLA is deftly handled, the way India is known all over, with every dish the devil raises its head skywards.”
Balbir Singh Sambyal

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