The Concubine & Slave-Catcher

The Concubine and the Slave-Catcher
By Qaisra Shahraz

A delightful collection provoking laughter and melancholia’
Mei Fong, author of One Child

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Available from: 28 September 2017

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If you are interested in migration, in inter-generational tensions, or simply in pacy, high-quality storytelling.

An old man in Manchester dreams of his previous life in Pakistan, but on returning there realises he is no longer sure where home is.   Disability and betrayal in Malaysia. The horrors of the Holocaust and Birkenau concentration camp are writ large in one pregnant woman’s experiences. A young woman finds her engagement broken off because her fiancé’s family disapprove of her walking attire. Two women suffer the consequences when they breach superstitions around miscarriage in a Pakistani village. The sundering of India and Pakistan in the 1947 partition is revealed when a Muslim boy is adopted by a Hindu family during the chaos of mass migration. A British man witnesses the hard lot of Afghan workers in the Gulf.

‘These tautly paced, cross-cultural and all too human stories are told with deep empathy’ Namita Gokale, Author and Founder, Jaipur Literature Festival.

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About the author

Qaisra Shahraz is a British-Pakistani award-winning novelist and scriptwriter. In 2016 she won the prestigious National Diversity Lifetime Achiever Award for Services to Literature, Education, Gender and Interfaith Activism. In 2012, she was placed on the ‘Pakistan Power 100 List’. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, her novels The Holy Woman, Typhoon and Revolt, and the classic short story ‘A Pair of Jeans’ have all been translated into several languages and are studied in universities and schools.

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