The Chocolate Shop Perverts

The Chocolate Shop Perverts
Ernest Alanki



Sixteen-year-old Martin is not a regular teen.  He runs away from home in Newcastle and is hoping for a completely fresh start.  Jobless, nearly hopeless, each day he goes to the Chocolate Shop – a café near Edinburgh Castle – with his old laptop in his backpack, and begins to write. As his tragic autobiography unfolds, starring his lost family – his alcoholic English mother, his illegal immigrant Zimbabwean father and beloved murdered sister – he is befriended by a stranger. This is James, a dark angel in human disguise, who takes the young man on a psychic journey to the Garden of Delights, to show him all the riches and consolations the world can offer him – but only if he first surrenders his soul… Humour, outrageous beauty, shocks and sheer magic realism take us on our own exciting journey in this apocalyptic first novel.

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Literary Fiction | ISBN: 9781908446121  | eBook

Ernest Alanki writes full time - in his spare time. His short stories have been published in literary journals on three different continents. Ernest was born in Cameroon and has worked in the scientific field at various universities in England and Canada. Now a naturalised citizen of Sweden, he lives and works as an academic in Stockholm. The Chocolate Shop Pervert is his first full-length novel. 

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‘This story of the young outsider, Martin, who is trying to find his identity while also attempting to deal with a tragedy, I found both poignant and compelling.  The heart of the book for me was Martin fighting with his self-esteem, trying to take his place in a society that had rejected him. Too few books are written about those who feel society has left them behind… hopefully this will be the first book of many from Ernest.Alex Wheatle, author of Brixton Rock and Island Song.

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