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Three women struggle against the forces of society, family, and passion in a small Druze village in the south of Syria as the country itself struggles against the forces of the Ottoman Empire, the French Empire, and then the Baath.

The village of Sarmada is an enchanting pace, but the people who live there don’t much notice it. To them, the transmigrating souls, potions, soothsayers, and animals in the rocky wasteland are all part of the landscape. They live in a world of possibility, but that openness only goes so far. Druze women are expected to marry a Druze man, settle down, and have children, and there’s no forgiving those who step out of line. And yet some brave souls still do. Some women risk their lives to follow their hearts and Sarmada is their story.

Translated from the Arabic by Adam Talib

Literary Fiction | ISBN: 9781908446053 | eBook

Faddi Azzam reads extract from Sarmada

Fadi Azzam

Fadi Azzam is an author and an acclaimed print and broadcast journalist. Born in a village near Suweida, Syria in 1973, he moved to the UAE in 2001 after graduating from Damascus University.  Sarmada is his first novel.

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...Sarmada and its women dance in front of us with all their senses; they take us by the hand and escort us into their village homes, where the events of this great novel take place.'
Rafik Schami author of The Dark Side of Love
‘Brimful of magic, Sarmada is a book to be swallowed in rapturous gulps. It’s beautifully written …'
Robin Yassin-Kassab, The Independent read the full review >
'The novel is cleverly constructed and lavishly executed, and Sarmada's mystical, magical aspects are rendered as everyday aspects of an extraordinary place. Azzam's writing is lyrical and clear and he draws the reader with graceful charm from brutal murder to mass melancholy, to erotic delight.'
Tina Jackson, Metro Newspaper - read full review
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