Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This web site is owned and operated by HopeRoad Publishing Limited and use of this website constitutes acceptance by you of the following Terms of Use:

We want visitors to our website to be able to take part in the activities and offers we provide. We also want to ensure that when we collect information from you, we do so in a way that does not infringe your right to privacy. This Privacy Policy is designed to give you useful information about the way we collect and use personal information.  

By using our website you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy. 

Personal Information
We will not collect any personal data from you unless you specifically provide it and we will only use that information for the purposes to which you have consented. We do not ask you to provide any more information than is reasonably necessary to enable you to participate in an activity on our website and to improve the website.

We do share your personal information with third parties. If we need to we will inform you of our intention to do so when we collect the information and you will have the opportunity to consent to that use or not.

Except as described in this Privacy Policy, we do not maintain any personal information obtained from users through this website in a retrievable form.

The information we collect and how we use it

Below are some examples of when we might request your information and how we will use it;

In the near future we will have a newsletter to keep our readers up-to-date with information on our books, authors, events, offers etc. If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter, we will require you to send us your name and email address so that we can send the newsletter to you. We may also ask you to provide other information about yourself, such as your age, sex and location so that we can personalise your newsletter.

Prize Promotions
Occasionally we will run campaigns, competitions and prize draws and, in addition to your answer or entry, we will require you to send us certain information, such as your name and email address. We will only use this information to administer the promotion and for any other purpose to which you consented when you entered.

We use a third-party payment service to facilitate purchases through our website so, by providing us with your information you consent to us passing that information to our payment service provider for the purpose of completing your transactions.
You will now have the opportunity to make in-app purchases via our recently launched HopeRoad app, often referred to as in-app purchases, or as part of any campaign activity where we supply a redeem code.

Forums and User Content
If you sign up to one of our forums, we will ask you to provide a username and email address so that we can let people know who posts which comment and to enable us to deal with any inappropriate or offensive behaviour.

For the same reasons, if you provide comments on any articles or upload your own content to our sites, we may ask you to provide your email address.

Email and other contact details 
You may wish to contact us from time to time by sending us letters or emails or by filling in contact forms on our website. We will only use this information to respond to your query or suggestion.

HopeRoad shall be entitled at any time to delete, remove, or suspend the whole or any part of the Public Areas or any content posted on them without notice and without incurring any liability. If you find objectionable or offensive material in the Public Areas please let us know as soon as possible by emailing the information team.

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