My Aunt and the Potted Plant

My Aunt and The Potted Plant
Jean Goulbourne



This set of fifteen short stories is based on the childhood experiences of Jean Goulbourne in rural Jamaica after the end of the Second World War. Written with warmth and affection, they depict not only Goulbourne’s family and her memories of the Christmases and idyllic summers of her youth, but also the local news, legends and tales that she was told as a child. In keeping with this tradition, Goulbourne writes eloquently of the lives and loves of local communities. Religion and systems of belief are at the centre of many of these stories. She depicts the experiences of those at both ends of the social scale, from AIDS victims and thieves to local magistrates and pastors.

Short Stories  | ISBN: 9781908446145  |  eBook

Jean Goulbourne lives in Cross Keys, South Manchester, Jamaica. She read History at the University of the West Indies, Mona, gained a Masters in Education and was a recipient of a James Michener Fellowship. A poet and novelist, Jean Goulbourne is now retired and lives on the farm of her childhood.
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'A female voice writing about a disappearing world with clarity, compassion, humour, deep affection and wit'
Patricia Cumper

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