Miles Davis

Miles Davis
Brian Morton



Miles Davis (1926-91) was one of the great jazz musicians, bandleaders and composers. His recordings include several of the most acclaimed and popular jazz albums, from the relaxed style of Birth of the Cool to the orchestral Sketches of Spain and the iconic Kind of Blue. And he never ceased to innovate. As the 1960s moved into the 1970s, he developed a darker, more complex sound and began increasingly to use electric instruments. The crowning achievement of his experiments, Bitches Brew (1969), became the bestselling jazz album of all time. In this biography, noted jazz critic Brian Morton takes us through the musical history of this remarkable and influential artist and illuminates the personality behind the sound.

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Brian Norton

Brian Morton is a writer, journalist and broadcaster mainly specialising in jazz and modern literature. He has published fiction, music and literary criticism.

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‘A compelling few hours’ reading for anyone with an interest in 20th-century music.’  Kenneth Clarke, The Daily Mail

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