Memoirs of A Karate Fighter

Memoirs of A Karate Fighter
Ralph Robb



Memoirs of A Karate Fighteris a hard-hitting account of karate training during the 1980s in one of Europe’s toughest dojos. In this gripping story, Ralph Robb gives an insight into the training methods and philosophy of the Wolverhampton YMCA karate club – which was once the top club in Britain. The YMCA won innumerable tournaments, and amongst its greatest achievements were two All-styles British Clubs championships, five UK Wado team titles and one Shotokan national team championship (1976 GB Shotokan Karate International). This book is as much about karate as it is about love, friendship, mental illness, the National Front…and in the end, death. The author is a former Wado Ryu karate champion (UKKW 1982) and a European all-styles silver medalist.

Fiction | ISBN: 9781908446152 | eBook

Ralph Robb

Ralph Robb was born in Wolverhampton, England of Jamaican parents. He was once an international karate competitor and European medallist and he retains a strong interest in the sport. He has written under various pseudonyms. As Sylvester Young: What Goes Around, Sleeping Dogs Lie, as Ralph Robb, Memoirs of a Karate Fighter and as J.S.Noon, Love Lies and Bleeding. He lives in Ontario, Canada with his family.

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‘Well written and sweating with authenticity, Ralph Robb has produced a powerful book.  Not only is it  informative about karate but with its themes of prejudice, violence and friendship, its relevance is international.’
Robert Twigger – Award –winning author of Angry White Pyjamas.
'Memoirs of a Karate Fighter, what’s good about it? Robb’s passion for Karate is framed in a page-turning, told from the heart.  For those who remember ‘back in the day’ or simply wonder what it was like then, this is an exciting and informative read, full of character and incident, as it presents a ‘hard’ Karate practically obsolete in modern society…
‘The author writes with the passion, precision and authority that a good writer shares with a good karateka and in reading this book, you realise that Ralph Rob is both.’
Traditional Karate Magazine
'Memoirs of a Karate Fighter is an excellent read, not only as a Karate document but a slice of social history, as Robb gives us a real insight into Britain in the 1980’s and its impact on black youth culture.  The author writes with the passion and precision that a good writer shares with a good Karateka and reading his book you realise Robb is both.’
Combat Magazine

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