Schoolgirl Janice, in the care of her single mother, with a father in prison, leaves the poverty and crime of the ghetto for a life with more prospects when her mother gets a job in the suburbs. But all is not what it seems, the affluent household she moves to has its own problems, and secrets, and soon Janice is caught up in a dark web of suspicion as the well-off girls at her new school look down on her and her ghetto past. Caught between two worlds, Janice begins to wonder if the grass is really greener on the other side of the tracks. Are these new upwardly-mobile city dwellers any  better than the poor people at the standpipe in her old home, or the rural life of her grand-parents in the country.

Young Adult  | ISBN: 9781908446213  | eBook

Jean Goulbourne

Jean Goulbourne lives in Cross Keys, South Manchester, Jamaica. She read History at the University of the West Indies, Mona, gained a Masters in Education and was a recipient of a James Michener Fellowship. A poet and novelist, Jean Goulbourne is now retired and lives on the farm of her childhood.

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Jean Goulbourne's novel for young adults, JANICE, is a moving moral tale for our times. Old-fashioned values and a desire to better herself is at the heart of this new novel which is a well-timed and accessible read.’
Maggie Harris, winner, Commonwealth Short Story Prize (Caribbean Region)

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