It Was An Accident

It Was an Accident
Jeremy Cameron



'Second in the ‘Nicky Burkett’ series.  Authentic crime on the streets of Walthamstow'

Nicky Burkett still incarcerated at the end of Vinnie Got Blown Away, is released onto the streets of Walthamstow and you'd think they'd leave him alone. All he wants is a quiet pint, a pattie on the market and a quick one on the settee. But trouble follows him around. He wants to go straight. Noreen wants him to go straight. He even takes a test for her... He is beaten up for no reason that he knows of. His mates are beaten up. All the aggravation in Walthamstow seems to land on his doorstep. He flees to Jamaica but trouble follows him.

It's not all bad though. Nicky's mates come together: black, white and Asian, they defend the honour of Walthamstow. They make plans for a showdown. The violent climax brings a new aspect to greyhound racing.

It Was An Accident became a cult British film starring Chiwetel Ejofor, Thandie Newton, Max Beesley and James Bolam. 

Crime | ISBN: 9781908446343 | Paperback


Film clip featuring Chiwetel Ejiofor

Jeremy Cameron

Jeremy Cameron spent several years working in hostels Walthamstow. During that time he wrote several books including four novels set in Walthamstow featuring the lovable rogue NICKY BURKETT: Vinnie Got Blown Away, It Was An Accident, Brown Bread In Wengen and Hell On Hoe Street. His other books: How to be President (of Norfolk Lawn Tennis Association) and Never Again (A walk from Hook of Holland to Istanbul).


‘This is an extremely amusing tale of the streets of gang- ridden London. Cameron has a unique voice, and the story is told in a highly entertaining and street tone. It isn’t that it is the best thriller you will ever read, although it is a good one, it is more that you will not want to put it down because you are smiling as you read on' 
Linda Regan ->

‘Like a hybrid of Only Fools And Horses and a hyperviolent Tarantino.’
The Big Issue

'More street cred than clamps.’
Daily Telegraph

‘Ingenious, his street talk sizzles with wit and invention.’ 
Literary Review

‘A wonderful thriller. An absolute cracker!’ Independent
‘The pleasure is intense.’ 
Time Out

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