Indian Magic

Indian Magic
Balraj Khanna



When Ravi Kumar Mehra MA steps off the train at Victoria station, London in the autumn of 1962, he is fully equipped with the all-important work permit and a couple of pounds in his pocket. A brave new life lies ahead!  He’s 23, educated, good-looking – a real Star of India. What can possibly stand in his way?

Disillusion sets in. The Mother Country is a hostile place in which non-whites are not welcome. But the kindness of strangers helps Ravi to walk tall – and after six days of sleeping rough, his luck changes, for the Indian Magic curry house is recruiting for a dishwasher . . .

When Ravi falls in love – deeply and forever – life takes a more dangerous turn. For the girl in question is the English Rose next door, and her father is unhinged. Anything could happen – and it does.

Literary Fiction | ISBN: 9781908446282 | Paperback


Balraj Khanna

Balraj Khanna was born in the Punjab, India, and arrived in London in the Swinging Sixties to study English. Instead, he took to art – eventually becoming ‘one of the most distinguished painters working in England’ (Bryan Robertson). His novels include Nation of Fools which was adjudged ‘one of the 200 best novels in English since 1950,’ Sweet Chillies and The Mists of Simla. Balraj lives in London, next door to Lord's Cricket Ground - which he describes as his ‘spiritual home’.

Balraj talks Core Values, Art and his new book Indian Magic in  Dunia Magazine  >


'Witty and profound, Balraj Khanna paints a brilliant portrait of an immigrant’s life: his ambitions, obstacles, hopes and dreams and in the process sends a universal message about self discovery that transcends borders.’  Debbie Jacob, Trinidad Guardian
'Indian Magic is an entertaining and well written novel that gives a fascinating insight into another side of London in the Swinging Sixties.'
Andrew Blackman, author of On the Holloway Road>
‘I am absolutely bowled over by this novel… Balraj Khanna has written a novel that is funny, beautiful and heartrending. Khanna delivers with the wisdom of a Naipaul, the dexterity of Vikram Seth and the honesty and observation of Zadie Smith.’ Paul Pickering, novelist
‘The young Mehra's story reminds one of Tom Jones and Lucky Jim.  Brilliant!’
Reginald Massey, critic and author
‘A thoroughly recommended read.'
Jim Bidwell

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