HopeRoad Bites

HopeRoad Bites


HopeRoad Bites is a unique digital-only publication that serves a dual purpose: a catalogue for interested partners in the book trade to peruse and enjoy, as well as an hour or two of pure escapism for you, the reader.

There is plenty here to get your teeth into, including two exclusive short stories reproduced here in their entirety: A Pair of Jeans by Qaisra Shahraz and The Spirit of McPhineas Lata by Lauri Kubuitsile, as well as extended extracts from five works of literary fiction and two of our recent forays into young adult literature.

Collection | ISBN: 9781908446237 | eBook

Work from the following authors has been included in this ebook;
  • A Pair of Jeans and Other Stories by Qaisra Shahraz
  • Dew Angels by Melanie Schwapp
  • In the Spirit of McPhineas Lata by Lauri Kubuitsile
  • Indian Magic by Balraj Khanna
  • Janice by Jean Goulbourne
  • More than a Game by Sylvester Young
  • Sarmada by Fadi Azzam
  • The Chocolate Shop Perverts by Ernest Alanki
  • Tula: The Revolt by Jeroen Leinders

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