Eye of the Eagle

Eye of the Eagle
Bai Hua



Eye of the Eagle depicts the degradation of the lives of migrant workers in China, in this case, open–cast miners.

Translated from Chinese by Nicky Harman

Short Story| ISBN: 9781908446077 | eBook

Bai Hua

Bai Hua was born in 1930 in Henan province, China. Attacked as a ‘rightist' during the Anti-Rightist Campaign in 1957, Bai Hua was persecuted and silenced for twenty-two years.  After the Cultural Revolution, he was finally able to publish again and, undaunted by his experiences, continued to produce fiction and poetry. His well–known film script, Bitter Love (1979) portrayed the misfortune of a patriotic painter who returned to China from the United States in 1949, only to be persecuted and die in misery. The resulting film was personally denounced by Deng Xiaoping, thus earning him the distinction of being the first Chinese writer to be singled out for criticism after Mao's death. Many Chinese critics feel that Bai Hua has never received the recognition he deserves, because of the opprobrium attached to his name in official circles. In June 2010, he and his work was the subject of a symposium held in Shenzhen, South China.

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