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Dew Angels

Winner of the Words on Wings Book Award for the most remarkable young adult fiction


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Born with dark skin into a family that prides themselves on their light complexion, and deprived of familial love, affection and security, Nola falls victim  to her father’s abusive behaviour.

From the day she was born Nola Chambers is rejected by those she should most trust. Born with dark skin into a family that prides themselves on their light complexion, Nola grows up abandoned and perceived as worthless. Deprived of familial love, affection and security, she falls victim to her father’s abusive behaviour and struggles though society’s harsh judgements of her black skin. Trying to overcome the brutalities in her life, she meets Dahlia Day. Their friendship opens another world for Nola, a world of tenderness and compassion, a world where she can rise above prejudice. Dew Angels is a heartbreaking, courageous novel of broken lives healed through courage and hope.

After UGLY comes DEW ANGELS: open your heart and let Nola Chambers inside.

Young Adult  | ISBN: 9781908446206  | eBook

Melanie Schwapp

Melanie Schwapp was born in Kingston, Jamaica and majored in Mass Communication at the University of South Carolina. She is also the author of Lally-May’s Farm Suss.   Melanie lives in Jamaica. 

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‘A deeply affecting tale’  
Alex Wheatle MBE author of Brixton Rock
Melanie weaves a beautifully, heartbreaking story for and through Nola. Her story arc is both beautiful and painful to watch. We get to cry and feel her pain during her times of loneliness and rejection by her father, who she loves deeply, but who spurns her because her skin colour is so dark compared to her sister Louisa’s.'
Sasha Solomon for read full review >
‘Deeply moving and powerful’
Winner, Words on Wings Award for the Best Young Adult Novel

‘The most remarkable young adult fiction’
Children's Literary Classics

‘An incredible read’
Off The Shelf
‘One awesome book’
 Shelf Life

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