Black Taj

Black Taj
Mohini Kent



Against a background of monsoons and heat waves, shanty towns and expensive bungalows, rich old women and angry young men, love and tradition, and religious conflict and social upheaval, lives will change forever.

It is 1993, one year after the destruction of the Babri Masjid Mosque in Uttar Pradesh by Hindu activists. Simi, a well-born young woman, has so far lived with privilege and certainty – but when the Mosque crumbles, so does the careful structure of her life. To the horror of her grandmother and the outrage of their friends in the riot-torn city of Atmapuri, she falls deeply in love with a Muslim doctor, Imran. Partition stands like a ghost between the star-crossed lovers. What will be their fate? And will India herself become the nation she was destined to be, open to all identities and communities . . .

Literary Fiction | ISBN: 9781908446459 | Hardback


Mohini Kent

Mohini Kent (Lady Noon) was born in India and arrived in London at the age of 21. She studied psychology, graphic design and film production.  She is an author, journalist, film maker and charity worker. As a journalist she wrote for India Today, The Times of India, The Tablet and  BBC Radio.   Her directorial roles include The Ramayanaand Curry Tiffin, with Ben Kingsley.  She is the author of the children’s novel Chief Longhooknose and Trader Jim.  Mohini lives in London.

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'Black Taj takes forbidden, unbiddable love, the staple of romantic fiction and uses it to tell a much deeper and terrible tale – of communal hatred still burning and destroying lives and hopes in India today. We are carried away by the love story between two strong characters and also pulled down into the depts of hell by the author who wants us to know, to feel the agonies of a tragically divided land.  The novel is both deeply pessimistic and highly optimistic.' 
Yasmin Alibhia-Brown
‘Sensitively explores the effects of the partition and the social unrest, resentment and religious conflict of 1947 India’ 
Sudeep Sen
‘A thundery tale told with all the brilliance, force and fury of a monsoon rainstrom’
Roshan Seth
‘Mohini Kent is a gripping storyteller, before you know where
you are, you are deep into her novel’
Amit Roy, Telegraph India
‘A deeply moving and sensitively written novel’ Lord Bhikhu Parekh
‘A riveting read set against an intricate tapestry of love and religion in post-independence India’
Anita Raghavan

‘Fascinating, poignant, thrilling – a brilliant read!’
Royina Grewal
‘Gripping, humorous and ultimately a profoundly humane story about human frailty and prejudice’
Shomit Mitter

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