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See what these YA Fiction bloggers have to say about Being Me...

Stop 1: Girls defying gender roles in YA Sarah's Chapter Blog  more >

Stop 2: Checkout interview and Q&A  with Pete in The Readers Corner (Beth) more >

Stop 3:  Discover author of “Being me” Pete Kalu in LaChouett more >

Stop 4: Sofia's video 

Young Adult | ISBN: 9781908446350  | Paperback

Sofia's YouTube Blog on Being Me

Pete Kalu

Pete Kalu is a storyteller and author. He has published five novels for adults and has won prizes for both his theatre plays and his poetry, including the BBC’s Dangerous Comedy Award 2003. He is a PhD Creative Writing student at Lancaster University. He lives in Manchester.

Press & Media coverage

Deptford & New Cross South London Press coverage of Pete's visit to Addey  & Stanhope School where he meets young readers and aspiring writers during his lunchtime visit -more >

Pete's visit to Addey  & Stanhope School in pictures of his lunchtime vist more >

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