HopeRoad Salon with Istros and Jantar

An Event Recap
HopeRoad Salon: Our Differences, Our Strengths 
        Fabulous readings and conversation at the HopeRoad Salon: Our Differences, Our Strengths 
with Istros Books and Jantar Publishing, and chaired by Barry Forshaw 

A recap of our evening of cross-border literary entertainment... 

Q&A with the audience: 

What role can fiction play in advancing politics or a fiction of hope? Where can it be placed in terms of big issues of our day? Could you describe something about the creation of your stories and your desire to write?  - Leo Zeilig, author of An Ounce of Practice

Qaisra: When one reads, they bring their own world into it... People interpret these stories in different ways - it's a cultural bridge building. 

Agnieszka: One of the gifts of writing is the freedom to be able to open up and reach people. 
"...times have become harder, but I thrive in the difficult circumstances. My writing took off when she was feeling like there wasn't much space for movement - as a way of opening up to myself. Once things have been said or written down, it becomes something else - it's optimistic. 

Mojca: There are many possibilities for interpretation in The Harvest of Chronos with its readings - as contemporary, as historical, or as political. Sometimes in writing I meet parts of myself in not very pleasant characters, both male and females, and it's a purification. 


Barry (the chair) is a writer, but is not expected to be a representative of white male British culture. How much do you all feel that you have a choice in what you write?

Qaisra: If you have a platform and a voice, use it. It's my duty, and I've accepted that role. 

Agnieszka: I am very much connected to Poland... it's inevitable that I'm a spokesperson

Mojca: As a spokesman, you can still be very critical towards that place. More important that being optimistic, is having a vision.
Author readings
(left to right) 

Agnieszka Dale  reads from Fox Season, Qaisra Shahraz reads from The Concubine and the Slave-Catcher and Mojca Kumerdej reads from Harvest of Chronos in Slovakian
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