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Hell on Hoe Street
Jeremy Cameron



'The final Nicky Burkett novel!! But life was never sweeter. Got his own gaff and the beautiful Noreen on his arm…'

Noreen’s best friend’s brother Kamran is missing on a questionable family visit to Pakistan. Noreen can only think of one person to bring Kamran back to the UK and to Walthamstow, no matter what!

Nicky arrives in Karachi and eventually meets up with drug baron, Jamil Khan, the only man who can make the rescue possible, a man who feels strongly about growing opium in the traditional way – without fertiliser. But before any rescue attempt, Jamal Khan needs a promise from Nicky; he must take out the competitor back in the UK who is dealing in inferior drugs in nearby Ilford.  The rescue is successful and back in the UK Nicky and his mates prepare to fulfil the promise to Jamal Khan.  But things don’t go quite as Nicky had hoped and the gangs of Ilford invade Walthamstow and there is Hell on Hoe Street…

Crime| ISBN: 9781908446527 | Paperback


Jeremy Cameron

Jeremy Cameron spent several years working in hostels Walthamstow. During that time he wrote several books including four novels set in Walthamstow featuring the lovable rogue NICKY BURKETT: Vinnie Got Blown Away, It Was An Accident, Brown Bread In Wengen and Hell On Hoe Street. His other books: How to be President (of Norfolk Lawn Tennis Association) and Never Again (A walk from Hook of Holland to Istanbul).

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‘Funny, violent and vivid’
Sunday Times
‘Brilliant! The Damon Runyon of North East London.’ 
New Statesman
‘Sexy and poignant’
Literary Review

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