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 I had such a good Christmas and New Year! My new year’s resolutions:
  1. Spend more time with the right people and less time with posers (they know who they are)

  2. Forgive my mum when she breaks her new year’s resolution and starts drinking again.

  3. Go to the park every day and practice. Gotta be top notch when I get my first 20 caps for the England Team (whenever that time comes).
Love, Adele

Did you know my boyfriend Marcus has a book? I just finished reading it again.
It's almost as good as mine. ALMOST.

Well, maybe just as good.

But I prefer mine.

Love,  Adele

Halloween is almost here! Me and the bestie are going to have a sleepover on Friday, then go to a Halloween party on the 31st. Okay, it’s a under-sixteens party so there won’t be any good stuff. But we still get to dress up!
Mikay wants to go all Mean Girls and watch that on Fri and then go dressed up as a mouse, like Karen does in the movie. That’s so embarrassing. Halloween is not about putting on fluffy ears and calling yourself a cute rodent. It’s about horror and gore and all that ish.
I’m thinking we should watch all the best horror movies on Friday, like the Orphanage and the Ring and then The Rocky Horror Picture Show so we can sing along badly. Then on Halloween, I’m going to dress up in a long flowing outfit with Dia De Los Muertos facepaint. I’m going to sneak into MTB’s room when I’m fully dressed up and hopefully scare the living shite out of him.
Enjoy your Hallows eve my lovelys!
Love, Adele

I’ve been tweeting about #GirlPower alot and I saw this article today. It’s about a girl called Juliette who is a quarterback on her community football team. Even though everyone is like, well girl’s don’t play football, do they. The article actually says that girls playing football is ‘not the norm’.

 I get it. I understand what it’s like for Juliette. What it’s like to be amazing at something everyone thinks you should be rubbish at. The article really got to me because she has older brothers who are into sports too and then everyone just wonders what she’s doing when she wants to play football. Why does that even happen? There’s no girls’ sports or boys’ sports. Sports is sports, people!
I love these kind of articles because it shows real-life examples of discrimination in sports. And I love how supportive the article is and how it says she is an amazing young woman breaking boundaries. I recommend you read it and watch the vid!!
Love,  Adele

I can't believe school started back a month ago!! URGH. I pulled this list from my book and everything I wrote then is still true:

There are thirteen reasons why I don’t like school. They are (in no particular order):
Maths. Boring.
Maths II.  Double Boring.
English. What Ho Forsooth.
Biology. Body Bits.
Chemistry. How To Blow Things Up.
Physics. How To Electrocute Your Brother.
Art. Ear Choppers.
History. Old Stuff.
PSHE.  Why To Persuade Boys To Wear A Condom.
French. Adeiu.
German. Mein Gott.
PE. Faster! Higher! Sweatier! F**k Yeah!
Remedial. Let’s Bring The Mad, the Bad and the Plain Confused Together In One Classroom And Watch What Happens.

I swear I CAN'T WAIT until I get to GCSE and I can drop half these crappy subjects like hotcakes. Yeah GCSE is when the fun will start. I'm thinking of taking:

English. Cause I write now.
PE get the picture.

Love, Adele

I’m Adele, a footballer and author (yeah I know, pretty cool right. Not bad for a fourteen year old). My first novel, Being Me, was published this year with the help of Pete Kalu.

I love talking about stuff so I decided to start a blog. Here you’ll mostly find some twitter ramblings, diary entries from Being Me and random things that catch my attention.
Anyway thanks for visiting my blog! And check out some other HopeRoad books while you’re on this site.
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